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A little about me.

Annamaria Nemeth is not just a survivor. She is a thriver.  Growing up in communist Romania, she was denied the basic human rights that many of us take for granted. She also spent many years enduring childhood abuse and ethnic discrimination.  After immigrating to the United States in 1983, she faced many challenges stemming from the early developmental years. She also began to struggle with the effects of the trauma she had endured.  Runaway, high school dropout, teen mom, and victim of domestic abuse, Annamaria has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes to become a successful businesswoman as a cosmetologist for 26 years, ultimately earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.  Annamaria’s professional journey has always been focused on helping others become their best selves. Now Annamaria has turned to writing her first book to share her life story of hardship which she has turned into one of strength. She hopes to inspire young people and adults with the promise of breaking the cycle of tragedy to live life richly with blessings that await.

Thank you everyone for your support and emails. I love reading your stories and I value your trust in me with your life experiences.




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